Two years ago our altar guild began using oil burning candles on the Altar, in the torches, and in our Advent wreath. We purchase the oil from St. Alban's and have found it to be a high quality, clean burning substitute for wax candles. Our fair linens are staying clean longer. The cost of the oil is much less than the cost of continually purchasing wax candles. The people at St. Alban's respond quickly and graciously in sending the oil when ordered.

I am very happy to recommend St. Alban's oil. It is less expensive than oil from other vendors and the proceeds go to the St. Alban's outreach programs…a “win-win.”

With respect and gratitude,


Altar Guild
Christ Episcopal Church
Covington, Louisiana

We are thrilled with the oil that we purchase from St. Alban's. It is very clean burning and does last a long time. It burns very evenly so that the flames of the candles are all the same height. It is "Green", so it’s earth friendly, too. Thank you, St. Albans for providing this.



Altar Guild Chair
St. Bede's Episcopal Church
Atlanta, GA

I first learned of St. Alban's Oil when a representative of St Alban's stopped by our church and left a brochure. I did a little research and found out that their oil was the same oil that I had been ordering from a large supply company and that part of the proceeds went to the Jail Garden. I could still place my order online at St Alban's website, save our church money, and play a small part in helping St Alban's Church to help others! St Alban's Oil is a good, dependable product.


N Harper

Altar Guild Chair
Christ Church, Macon, Ga.


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